Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society

Ponds Featured in 2013 IEWG&KS Pond Tour


The 2013 pond tour featured eight wonderful ponds located in Spokane Valley. Each of the ponds were unique in their own way and the voting was done by the public attending the pond tour. Make sure you click on the pond thumbnails below for a better view.
#1 Favorite
Fairhurst Pond
(pictured above)
This pond is small (less than 600 gallons) but extremely unique. The owner is a master at creating, making, and decorating his garden and pond with sculptures. He made his own “sluice-box style” waterfall. He also made the pyramid water feature shown in the picture above.
McJunkin Pond
The owner of this pond had been working for three or four years on her pond to get it how she wanted it to look. She planned
each year with making the pond deeper and bigger (now about 2,500 gallons), then working on the waterfalls, etc. She did a
magnificent job!

Krebs Pond

This pond was built by the Krebs along with their parents. One new addition to their pond was a “hiding” place for their fish, a sort of underwater stone house. The fish seem to be a lot calmer with a place to hide and they were able to keep out of the hot summer heat.

McKalip Pond
This small but wonderful pond is right out the front door of the McKalip house. They recently moved and have plans for a larger pond in their backyard.

Scott Pond
The owners of this pond chose not to include fish or plants in their pond but as you can see, it is just as beautiful. The enjoyment of listenting to the waterfall is the focus for this pond.

Seifert Pond
The Seifert pond was the biggest pond on the tour. It included a koi pond (15,003 gallons) and a lily pond (2700 gallons). The picture show the stream leading to the lily pond.

Cumpton Pond
The Cumpton pond is about 1,200 gallons and home to eight koi. The pond was built in 2008 by All About Ponds. It is a liner pond with U.V. light, two skimmers, two biofalls, and an Ultima II filter. They love sitting outside listening to the sound of the running water from the waterfalls and watching the plants bloom and grow.

Harris Pond
Mr. Harris is a master gardener with two ponds, one devoted to water lilies and the other to koi. The ponds are connected by a series of streams, each one with its own small settings.