Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society

Ponds Featured in 2014 IEWG&KS Pond Tour


The 2014 pond tour featured eight wonderful ponds located on the North and South sides of Spokane. Each of the ponds were unique in their own way and the voting was done by the public attending the pond tour. Make sure you click on the pond thumbnails below for a better view.
#1 Favorite
Aspenleiter Pond
(pictured above)
The Aspenleiter pond is approximately 3,500/4,000 gallons of water with upper waterfall that empties into small upper pond and two streams. The  two lower waterfalls empty into the larger koi pond which houses 12 koi (includes four baby koi that hatched in their pond in 2012), 12-15 shubunkins/goldfish and lots of water plants. They also have a bird and butterfly garden in their backyard that attracts numerous varieties of birds and butterflies who also love the pond as much as the owners do.
Rehn Pond
The Rehn's have two ponds - one for koi (3,700 gallons with nine koi) and a lovely lily pond/bog garden (2,000 gallons). They also have a shubunkin/goldfish tank (300 gallons). Their koi feed themselves by pulling the string of a koi feeder that is hanging above the water. Their backyard is a place where you can spend hours relaxing by watching the fish and the lilies bloom!
Lambert Pond

This pond was built by Bev Lambert and her sister-in-law. They laid each stone surrounding the pond by hand! The pond is approximately 1,600 gallons and home to six koi who love to munch on the water lilies. Bev has created many wonderful features in her yard including a pyramid waterfall.

Noyes Pond
This small but wonderful pond (900 gallons and 4 feet deep) is a true delight to the eyes and ears. The Noyes have twelve goldfish who reside in the pond and swim among the water plants. This pond is a truly relaxing place -  day or evening.

Daughery Pond
The Daughery pond is a covered pond and is very accessible right out their kitchen door. They have many koi (their pets) and interesting decorations around the edge of the pond.

Shirley Pond
The Shirley pond is approximately 4,000 gallons and has a small bridge over the narrow portion of the pond. They have koi in their pond - two generations!  The smaller koi in the pond are the offspring of the larger koi.

Lamp Pond
The Lamp pond is made out of a recycled hot tub. It has 250 gallons of water and is home to eleven shubunkins and three goldfish. This small but unique and beautiful pond is surrounded by beautiful plants and landscaping.

Ross Pond
The Ross pond is actually a beautiful waterfall which flows into two small pools of water which sometimes house goldfish. The waterfall was originally built in 1951 by the man who originally helped design the Japanese Gardens at Manito Park. Remodeling on the waterfall was done between 2004-2009.